From a napkin sketch to a yacht…

Behind every Selene yacht, we find high technology, skilled and dedicated workers, who have been with us for two decades, premium components sourced from the best suppliers all over the world. But, still, before all that, we find… a pencil. A simple twenty cents pencil… But also twenty years of expertise, innovation, creativity and cooperation with our customers…

At Selene Yachts, since 1998, a new project always starts from a napkin sketch drafted by our talented master architect Howard Chen, the founder of Selene Yachts. 

From our smallest compact and lovely Selene 38 Voyager to our latest Selene 72 Ocean Explorer, all our boats have the same “secret history”, starting from a modest coffee-shop napkin sketch turned into a 3D drawing by our engineers and designers… Like the Selene 60 Classic Explorer and the Selene 42 Voyager Sedan, some of our most popular models have required almost two years of intense research and development, from the first paper draft to the final 3D computerized files detailing all the systems and the shape and scantling of the hull.

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