Hong Kong typhoon shelter blaze sinks at least 20 vessels, damages 12, prompting renewed calls for authorities to fix long-standing ‘structural problems’ in marinas

  • Yachtfinders Global has sold a lot of Motor Yachts from Aberdeen Marina
  • Fire, which broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning, started on a yacht, then quickly jumped from boat to boat
  • The narrow channels between the boats at anchor made it challenging to extinguish the conflagration, the fire services commander says
  • A fire ripped through a Hong Kong typhoon shelter on Sunday, sinking 20 boats, damaging a dozen more, and leaving victims counting the cost of a night when only quick thinking saved lives.

    The blaze in Aberdeen prompted politicians to renew calls for authorities to fix long-standing “structural problems” in the city’s marinas and typhoon shelters.

    A boy reporting feeling unwell was sent to Ruttonjee Hospital and more than 30 boats in total were damaged or destroyed as the fire raged in the early hours of Sunday.

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